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About C. Evan Smith

Evan is very effective with helping leaders sto ee themselves more clearly and to demonstrate new, more effective behaviors which in turn generates higher performance, greater innovation and intentional collaboration for their teams. These new ways of behaving, and new modes of performance, create better outcomes, stronger futures and more resilience for their people and organizations.

Evan helps leaders and their organizations successfully respond to the significant demands of today’s environment for learning and growth. Through his firm Metamorphosis Management Group, he works with clients/ leaders to create transformation through both dramatic, innovative change work – AND intentional, practical habit change. He uses an impact-design approach that helps clients “start with the end in mind”; and structured data- and behaviorally based coaching, development, and strategy workshops to help people shift their patterns, deepen conversations and communication, drive more engagement, and create more impact.

As a consultant – He’s worked with leaders across F500 companies, private firms (including startups and PE-owned companies), government and nonprofits.  As an operating leader (Director, VP, and CXO) for companies – he’s run quality, reengineering, organizational development and systems functions.

Evan completed his MBA at Yale University. He holds a BS in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering and a BA in General Arts & Sciences from Penn State. He’s participated in several corporate-leader development programs (GE’s ISMP; Cabot Corp’s Harvard Business School Program) – and has taught in leader development programs for UPenn’s Wharton School, TCU, University of Kentucky, State University of New York, Cornell, and Tufts University.  Evan lives with his wife in Providence, RI – where he enjoys cycling, culinary and historical adventures in one of the US’ great pre-revolutionary cities. He also loves visiting his guitar-playing son in Philadelphia, and young grandson/ family in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a choral singer, performing with the RI Civic Chorale (and serves as a board member).

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