"The Appliances Business was the most culturally transformed of any of my businesses using the WorkOut process" J.F. WelchPresident & Chairman of the Board
General Electric

What We Do For You / Our Primary Services

Are you reaching beyond current limits and performing at your best? Our results-focused approaches and toolsets underlie achieving your goals. We bring simple structures, disciplines and skills that support the improvements you seek as generally outlined in these categories:

Performance Tuning. Every team and organization needs to keep things running well. The best competitors always ask: How do we make things even better? These customized workshops focus on assessment of current realities, generation of ideas for improvement, and development of specific, actionable plans and next steps that leave people more focused, aligned, energized, and capable to improve.

Accelerated Problem Solving. This approach works with multiple or single teams to find the right way through the most difficult business challenges. Our extensive WorkOut and ACT process experience consistently deliver extraordinary and measurable results.

Change Execution. We are highly experienced architects in designing and driving large systems change... ask IBM or General Electric. Pilot helps keep hearts and minds focused and productive through any business change, including turn-around's, mergers, acquisitions, and when dealing with major shifts in strategy and cultural norms.

Strategic Performance Coaching. We provide instrument-based one-on-one and team coaching remotely and on-the-playing field to improve leadeship performance. Pilot coaches have been providing advice, counsel, and support to all of our major clients and C-Suite executives since 1985. Our TriMetrix® assessment -- a multi dimensional gauge of personal style, motivation and orientation -- provides significant data for base-lining and tracking systemic improvements.

Executive Education & Leadership Training. Pilot designs and delivers powerful learning experiences tailored to your achieving business and leadership performance targets. Whatever your business needs "to know and grow", these learning investments pay off.