"I saw high energy and passion for the work. You bring creative thinking... out of the box." Kevin TarrantEVP Human Resources
"You brought a very practical tool set and approach that got us great results." James SchoedingerPresident
Transamerica Real Estate Tax Service

Our Background


[pahy-luh t]

1. A person duly qualified to steer ships into or out of a harbor or through certain waters. 2. a guide or leader. 3. a small element acting in advance of another or principal element and causing the latter to come into play when desired. v.t. 4. to guide or conduct, as through unknown places, intricate affairs, etc. Random House Unabridged

Pilot Consulting is a provider of consulting services to business leaders focused on executing their business strategy at an accelerated level. Since 1985, the principals of Pilot Consulting have specialized in the implementation of strategy, management of transition, and development of leadership.

Our clients are from companies both small and large in the US, Europe, and Asia. Landmark change initiatives where we played a central role include General Electric's Workout and IBM's Accelerate Change Together (ACT) in which we were active in over thirty countries. Our track record and word-of-mouth referrals are a testament to the quality of our many works and sustained presence in our field.

Facts about Pilot Consulting

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