Driving Leaders: Lessons in high-performance leadership drawn from endurance racing.

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"Ideas and practices from Driving Leaders live at the heart of how we are developing our global enterprise top talent.” Tom FalkChairman and CEO, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Driving Leaders Experience

Is your team highly focused?
Can you adapt to lead requisite business changes quickly and effectively?
Are you executing your strategy smoothly with speed and precision?
Are you well-positioned to get beyond current limits and to achieve
new dimensions in performance?

Driving Leaders Experience are designed to address these important questions, offering unparalleled leadership development that delivers lasting results in terms of personal, leadership and business performance... and more.

There are strong parallels between high performance driving practices and leading at speed while under pressure… our “new normal.” The need for leaders to deliver results – consistently, better and faster – benefits from a disciplined approach to driving change.

Delivered as a workshop, participants are engaged on the track to learn fundamental practices for high performance driving. Following this is class application time of proven, highly effective disciplines that accelerate outcomes in business. The work is fast-paced and focused around a specific and significant business challenge of a participant’s or team’s choosing. This is a fully engaging and extraordinary way to make forward progress on the most important business challenges you face.

From a Driving Leaders Experience, you can expect to: